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It's not quality that is expensive, but rather the lack of it

Philip B. Crosby, 1979


  • As a result of our technological research activity in eHealth and telemedicine field, 3C has projected and developed MOPHERE, a wireless mo-web solution integrating different ways to collect health data and store them in a user-friendly platform. READ MORE

  • Our skills and expertises are focused on design and production of multi-channel communities platforms finalized to dating and social dating services. READ MORE

  • 3C Enterprise Hosting Solutions are designed to support mission critical context to guarantee high performance, high services availability, platform reliability and service continuity. Customers choose 3C Enterprise Hosting Solutions because we offer feature rich, on-demand reliable and secure web hosting services. READ MORE

  • Smartphone Application development both on Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft's Windows Mobile environment. We build complete, end-to-end services, enterprise-ready Mobile Apps. READ MORE


  • We are highly skilled team advanced in the latest technology and best-of-breed solutions
  • We focus on your business needs from a long term business perspective to assure scalable and cost effective IT solutions
  • We encourage innovation and creativity. We always search for new ideas, technologies and solutions
  • We have a passion for achievement, commitment for targets, striving for outstanding results
  • As a business solution focused company, 3C has world class development centres capable to deliver projects of any complexity levels worldwide



MyCarrefour Mobile Application

September 30, 2013

Hibryd mobile application (HTML5) for Carrefour Italy. GPS Proximity Store locator, promo notification, gasoline price comparison

Why choose3C

Nowadays Information Technology is at the heart of every activity of our lives. We well know that being digital is not only a matter of communication but, overall, is a matter of technology.
Our IT expertise is the foundation of all our products, services and operation. Our highly skilled team bring deep knowledge and foremost experience in the myriad of technologies, systems, and platforms, so that our clients products, services and operations can rely upon.
We understand your business needs. We do make your business grow faster. This claim is based on decades of work with hundreds of customers, which are still our loyal customers.
We understand what drives enterprise digital business, from end-to-end. We manage all project and process implementaion phases and, furthemore, we support all digital solution services delivery to ensure the highest quality and your business goals are achieved.

Latest News

October 31, 2014

3 Caravelle is now a member of Fondazione Cluster Smart Cities & Communities – Lombardia.